Supporting Undergraduate Research


BSI has several programs that pay CU Boulder undergraduate students to get authentic, hands-on experience working with faculty mentors on their research. These research experiences can complement and extend what students are learning in the classroom, allow them to “try out” research as a potential career, help them make connections with faculty for mentoring and professional references, all while obtaining relevant skills, professional connections and experience toward future academic and career goals.

BURST awards are available to students with little or no research background who are interested in gaining experience in a bioscience or related research lab.  Students who receive funding through this program work on biomedical/bioscience projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor.  Preference for awards is given to sophomores and juniors.

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CURE (Clinical Undergraduate Research Experience) awards are available during the summer to CU Boulder undergraduates who are interested in gaining experience in a clinical, translational or bench research at the University of Colorado at Denver Anschutz Medical Center and its affiliates.

Students earn $9.00/hour and can apply for a grant up to $2,500 for the summer.
Students will meet with prospective faculty mentors before beginning work in the mentor's lab.
Dates (mid-May through mid-August range). Scheduled time in the lab will be determined by the student and the faculty mentor; however; a typical work week is usually between 30 and 40 hours during the summer.

Current enrolled full-time, degree-seeking CU Boulder undergraduates
Students who have a minimum 3.0 GPA
Students who have graduated before May 2015 (or plan to graduate in August 2015) are not eligible.
Preference for awards will go to students with prior research experience

Important notes: Due to the limited availability of research funding for undergraduates at CU Boulder, students may not receive a CURE award in addition to another source of wages/stipend, such as a UROP or departmental grant, for their summer research. Students may receive a CURE grant only once.


In an effort to integrate undergraduates more fully into the culture of scientific research, the Biological Sciences Initiative (BSI) offers partial funding for undergraduate students to present research findings at meetings or conferences.

Grants may be requested up to $700.
Students may receive funds from BSI for travel only once per academic year (Sept 1 through August 31).
Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Funded students will be required to complete a short evaluation at the completion of the conference or meeting.

Eligibility Requirements
The applicant must be a current full-time undergraduate student at the time of the conference/meeting.
The applicant must currently or very recently have been funded by the Biological Sciences Initiative through either a BURST or UROP-HHMI Bioscience grant.
Student must be presenting and show proof of conference/meeting presentation acceptance.


Are you interested in summer research opportunities around the country? If so, this list has opportunities you might be interested in. While extensive, this list is not comprehensive. BSI updates this list periodically, but does not claim that all links and programs are still active. If you are interested in these programs, please note that many of them have very early deadlines usually in January/February. Good luck!