BSI is committed to providing professional development opportunities and resources for K-12 teachers and students that highlight the current CU research with an emphasis on hands-on, inquiry based and standards implementation.

Workshops ScienceLIVE Ready...Set...Science
Photo of Teacher workshop Photo of a Pika part of the Science Live curriculum Photo of RSS partcipant

Science content workshops for inservice teachers

Online resource highlighting CU research

Support of entry-level teachers through workshops

Regrettably, due to the change in focus and requirements in the new HHMI grant which requires us to focus our attentions on innovations in undergraduate science curriculum and opportunities, at this point in time we will not be able to offer some of our other popular outreach programs.
Science Squad Outreach Awards
Photo of Science Squad member in the classroom Photo of students looking through a microscope

Visiting scientist program

Minigrants for science equipment

Please know that we are still very committed to continuing the programs we can, while looking for additional funding to restore others. We appreciate your support while we pursue those opportunities.